How can You Help The Seminary

There are many ways you can get involved or help to boost vocations:

  • First is through prayer. Daily prayers and Masses for the seminarians and for the priests training them would be highly appreciated.
  • Second, you can adopt a seminarian or make contributions for their training. It will be a good idea if you can singly or together with others offer the world the gift of a priest in your life time. How else would the will of God for more labourers be fulfilled except in this way? It takes about N300,000.00 or US$3000.00 to train a seminarian in a year.
  • Third, one can help to train somebody who would become a trainer of priests. More priests are needed in the seminary and they need specialized training in order to fulfill this role effectively. Would you like to contribute to the training of such priest-trainers?
  • Fourth, you can help us put some basic infrastructure in place in the seminary such as a school bus, a kitchen, a hostels, computers or photocopiers.
  • Fifth, your diocese, parish or association can adopt a seminary like ours in Africa. In that way you should share more closely in the life and formation of future priests and missionaries.
  • In all, the formation of priests remains a very serious challenge for the Church today. A lot of praying has to be combined with hard work to see that we give the world good and holy priests. This is what we do at SIST. Why not join us in doing this?
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